5 reasons why you should get a virtual phone number for your small business

phone-in-handIf you are a startup, self employed or run a micro business, one of the last things on your mind is a virtual phone number. I have a mobile you say, why cant people get hold of me on that? The problem being that is the same number that all your mates have, the one that the wife calls on, the guy who sells you DVDs down at the pub has… you get my point. This also means that there are several compelling reasons to consider using a virtual number, irrespective of whether you use it for marketing or operations.

  1. The number one reason for me is credibility – countless bits of research have proved that prospective customers are more than likely to call a landline than a mobile. A landline number on your site makes you look like a ‘real’ business and more trustworthy. Given the anonymity of the internet, prospective clients want the reassurance that you are genuine and that they can get hold of you if they need to.
  2. Privacy – yes, its true that you gave your mobile number to the guy selling DVDs at the pub telling him to let you know when Expendables 3 was coming out, but do you really want to put your mobile number on your website and have every sales guy out there call you? Thought not – a virtual number gives you a chance to screen the calls and even block them.
  3. By virtue of the fact that virtual numbers are based in the cloud, you can take calls from anywhere, as long as they are diverted to your mobile, other landline etc. Perfect if you are travelling around, but the option to send it to voicemail is also there and can be automated.
  4. Team work – a virtual number also helps you to send calls and messages to team members without adding another layer, irrespective of wherever they are, in the country or overseas.
  5. Last but not the least, virtual numbers are a great tool to track leads – if the number is on your website a virtual number will allow you to track how many enquiries are coming from your website. The customer notices no difference, but you can measure the new enquiries from the virtual number compared to enquiries coming through on your mobile – which will be prospective customers who have dealt with you before. Obviously, it’s a given that you try and make sure that the number is visible at all times, a top right hand corner placement on the website is ideal and additionally on your contact page and site footer.

There are a lot of providers of virtual numbers in the market, we have managed to get a deal with Everreach – www.everreach.co.uk for a 1 month free trial. Everreach have just launched their new campaign focussing on The Big Call and the free trial link is also on the video: