A personal milestone

I realised recently that I passed a personal milestone earlier on this year and I hadn’t even noticed. So busy making sure the kids are bed, the house is (relatively) tidy, work is done and clients happy that I’d not even checked… what am I talking about? Profits.

This year I have invoiced out more each month than I would have earned (both figures pre-tax) in employment. Somehow, despite being pulled in a million different directions, being more busy and more stressed than I ever imagined possible (yes, that’s one of the realities of being a work at home mum!) I have somehow met a goal I didn’t expect to meet until perhaps this time next year.

I wasn’t going to post this. It sounds big headed (maybe it is, a little) but then I thought of the times in the beginning where I was doubting myself. Lying awake at night wondering how the hell I was going to pull this off. I’d convinced everyone around me I could do it but hadn’t even convinced myself. I kept thinking about how long I could stretch out my savings if I needed to, how much of an overdraft I had to dip into. And yet… thanks to a combination of lucky breaks, good clients and strict budgeting I’ve paid off the last of a credit card that’s been sitting around for ages, have ADDED to my savings, and I’m nowhere near my overdraft.

We work at home mums can earn money, and not just the pocket money that some people would have you believe. We can run a profitable business from home around children. We can do this.