What is WAHMweb?

WAHMweb is a dedicated UK community and resource site for WAHMs (“Work At Home Mums”) and WAHDs (“Work At Home Dads”) current and future. Sharing the journey into self-employment, collected tips and experience from work at home mums and ‘mumpreneurs’ up and down the UK.

Who are WAHMweb?

bad_hair_unselfieWAHMweb is edited and updated by Jem.

Founder of WAHMweb, and Queen of all things geeky, Jem manages the technical side of the site as well as pulling together content pieces from volunteers and updating the blog.

Jem was a work at home mum for two years following the birth of child number 2 but returned to full time employment due to a change in personal circumstances, keeping up her freelancing from home to supplement her income. After over 12 months in the office she realised she missed the work at home lifestyle and hated office politics, so came crawling back tail between her legs. Jem now offers web development & Search Engine Optimisation to her Shropshire based / national clients.

Jem is perpetually stressed, isn’t sure how to “have it all” and thinks the home / work balance is a load of boll***s

Jem doesn’t know why she’s talking in the third person.

Is WAHMweb for me?

If you’re already a work from home mum, you’re thinking about leaving employment to work from home, or you’re a stay at home mum who wants to top up the family income with a little bit extra, this site is for you. Get started now:

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Happy WAHMing!