Advanced Guide to Twitter for Business Users

So you’ve read our Beginner’s Guide to Twitter for Business Users and you want to know more; you want to know how to find and engage with potential customers over twitter?

Utilise lists

Twitter lists are one of the most under-rated features of twitter. Using private lists you can easily keep track of both customers and prospective customers alike.

Create two private lists, Customers and Prospects:


By keeping tabs on both sets of people and regularly engaging with them – retweeting useful advice, replying to questions and so forth – you create an ongoing relationship with a person. As a customer I am more likely to give custom to a business I have an emotional connection with… a friend, someone whom I’ve used before who has given top notch customer service, etc. Make sure that when your customers are thinking of buying X product, your brand comes first to mind.

Use networking hours

Pretty much every town and city has their own networking hour these days. That is, an hour (or more!) during which local businesses, charities and personalities tweet about what they do, retweet fellow businesses and engage with potential customers (again with the engaging!) all whilst using a certain hashtag. Some people can be fiercely loyal to local companies so it’s worth making yourself known.

Twitter Local & National Networking ‘Hours’ List

Location Day + Time Hashtag
Bradford Thursday 8-9pm #bradfordhour
Doncaster Tuesday 8-9pm #doncasterhour
England Friday 9-10pm #englandhour
Leeds Thursday 8-9pm #leedshour
Northamptonshire Thursday 8-9pm #northantshour
Oxfordshire Wednesday 8-9pm #oxhour
Scotland Last Wednesday of month 9-10pm #scotlandhour
Shropshire Wednesday 8-9pm #shropshirehour
Wales Sunday 8-9pm #waleshour
West Midlands Tuesday 8-9pm #westmidshour
Wolverhampton Wednesday 8-9pm #wolveshour
Yorkshire Wednesday 8-9pm #yorkshirehour
n/a Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm #handmadehour
n/a Wednesday all day #WAHMwednesday

Are we missing one? Get in touch!

Note: some people cruise through all of the networking hours that they can find, but I personally think this is bad manners. It’s up to you whether you crash another city’s virtual ‘party’ but I advise against it!

Make your own hashtag

Can’t find a hashtag that suits your business or idea? Be a trendsetter: make your own! It doesn’t have to be an ‘hour’ or even a day, like ours (#WAHMwednesday). Some hashtags are more general and can be used at any time to connect with likeminded individuals, other businesses and potential customers/users.

If you invent a hashtag that catches on, you could see your followers and even your website traffic soar.