‘Baby buffer’ and self-employment

Whilst researching for information on business bank accounts for the self-employed, I stunbled upon some new research by Aldermore Bank; of 2000 parents polled, nearly 50% stated that they had a set amount of savings they wanted to reach before trying to conceive, most saving around £2500.

1379469_international_cashAround 42% of those polled stocked up on various baby paraphernalia – setting them back around, on average, £1,138.

Ignoring the (in my opinion) over-spending by most new parents on unnecessary baby bits, I can’t help but wonder who Aldermore Bank polled and what the employment status of these parents was. I wonder, too, how many of those polled have (or planned to) save similar amounts for subsequent children.

As a self-employed mum, I know that I can’t afford to be saving up thousands of pounds for any future children and that any ‘baby buffer’ I have now is left from my child-free full time employment days and has long since been assigned to my self-employment emergency fund! Any decision I have on future children will likely be made based on how quickly I can start working again.

Am I in a minority? If you’re a WAHM planning on having more children, have you got a “baby buffer”, or are you with me in the “wing it and see” camp? Love to know your thoughts!