Clever Ways to Work from Home


Some people have it all planned out from day one, they have a vision and they know what they want to do and they go out there and do it. This isn’t often the case for parents who choose to work from home, it can happen, but for many others, it’s a case of taking […]

#VATMOSS A Threat to all WAHMs?


Microbusinesses, including many work at home mums and dads, have taken to social media to protest against new VAT laws which may compromise their ability to trade with Europe. The changes are quite specific but could affect thousands of small businesses and sole traders across the UK. Many small businesses are ready to fight and […]

How Storage Can Help You Work Smarter At Home


Working from home isn’t the easy option many imagine it to be. Quite aside from finding the discipline to consistently bring in a wage from the comforts of your home, you need to find space so you can concentrate and work efficiently. Organisation depends on adequate storage, because when you have everything to hand it’s […]

5 reasons why you should get a virtual phone number for your small business


If you are a startup, self employed or run a micro business, one of the last things on your mind is a virtual phone number. I have a mobile you say, why cant people get hold of me on that? The problem being that is the same number that all your mates have, the one […]

Top Tips for Starting a Business whilst on Maternity Leave


Having children is life changing, whatever way you look at it. During pregnancy many women are convinced they will return to work as before after maternity leave, and many do, but after birth, many others realise returning to their normal job simply just doesn’t feel right. Coming up with a business idea or a way […]

Mumpreneurs and the “home work balance” myth


I have a Google alert set up on the word “mumpreneur” – it helps me keep track of what’s big in the world of work at home mums using the journalist’s patronising word of choice (I’m not really a fan of “mumpreneur”, can you tell?) I’ve been a little surprised to get several notifications this […]

Interview with WAHM Anna-Lee of BabyMoo’s

An example of BabyMoo's product range

Inspiring work at home mums and dads are the reason this site exists and Anna-Lee Kewley’s story is a great example of someone turning their creativity into a successful business. Anna-Lee has beaten hundreds of others to win several awards, most recently a NatWest Venus Award for Dorset. Only fifteen prizes were handed out and […]

Three Ways to Work from Home Online

Home Office

Many parents choosing to stop their regular jobs and stay at home don’t have a plan. Finding work after maternity leave or a long time away can be difficult at the best of times. This becomes even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Working from home online is one of the most […]

Mums the word when it comes to business

mum on phone with toddler on lap

Reaching for my box of clichés you know who’s best at multi-tasking? Well, within the top 5 will be a mum with young children. Now, it seems, women looking after the kids have added another string to their bow, with a new phenomenon, the mumpreneur. Direct Line for Business have been asking some questions and […]

Becoming a Limited Company


Becoming a limited company is something that small business owners and freelancers constantly wonder about. As many self-employed mums and dads fit into this category it’s only right we take a look at whether becoming a limited company is a viable option for you and what the benefits are to making this choice. Every situation […]