Surviving the Summer Holidays when Self-Employed

summer holiday

They’re nearly over but the six week summer break can be a difficult time for self-employed mums and dads who are used to their children being in school or nursery. It can be even harder to juggle and it can make sticking to deadlines and providing clients with the same level of care tricky. I’d […]

Budget 2015: How does the first Conservative Budget in nearly a Decade affect WAHMs?


On 8th July 2015 George Osborne was back, presenting his first Budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer of a majority Conservative government and the Budget he delivered was clearly indicative of the future his government want for the UK. Robert Peston of the BBC has described it as ‘less austere’ than expected whilst many others […]

It’s not what you know, but who you know


When I first went freelance in 2012 after the birth of my adorable (but very noisy) son, I immediately started making a profit. I’m not bragging (OK, maybe a little) but I was able to pay my bills and not worry about draining the savings that I had accumulated to use should the worst happen. […]

Five Top Tips for Avoiding Work at Home Scams


When you first make the decision to work from home you may not have a clear idea of the direction you’re looking to work in. Your career history may be very specific or you may want to maximise your skills but are not sure how to do so. When you’re new to self-employment and finance […]

Fitting in Fitness as a Work at Home Parent


Many of those who work at home find fitness right near the bottom of their list of priorities. Fix that with our 6 top tips for fitting in fitness as a work at home parent (no fad diets mentioned!) If you work from home and manage to fit exercise into your busy schedule, we’d love […]

The Importance of Self-Care as a Work at Home Mum


If history has taught my anything, it’s that it is all too easy to neglect oneself as a work at home parent. After hours at the computer, the sewing machine, in the kitchen (whereever it is you make your money) it can seem utterly selfish to then want more time away from kids and chores […]

Budget 2015: What WAHMs Need To Know


What could be the last Budget of George Osborne was announced on 18th March and there are many points which are extremely relevant to WAHMs and dads. From changes to the tax threshold to a complete overhaul of the self-assessment return, there are a wide range of points from Osborne’s Budget that self-employed parents need […]

Three Things to do after you’ve registered as Self-Employed


Taking the big leap into the world of self-employment begins with registering as self-employed but that really is just the first step. Now you can justifiably describe yourself as self-employed it’s time to get organised. Chances are many of these things may happen alongside your registration and the more organised you are, the more successful […]

Four Top Gift Ideas for WAHMs this Mother’s Day


Last year we talked about how you could spoil the WAHM in your life with something a little different than normal, something which got her out of the office, showed sentiment and would be a welcome break from the busy nature of everyday life. This year our Mother’s Day gifts for WAHMs are more general, […]

Free Facebook Marketing Isn’t Dead


Free social media marketing is dead, Facebook won’t show anyone my posts unless I pay, right? Nope, If you’re in this pool of thought, chances are you need to look at how you’re currently marketing using Facebook, sure your business page reach has probably reduced but its still a free marketing channel, don’t pass that […]