By WAHMs, for WAHMs (& others too!)

I originally created WAHMweb because I wanted to start working from home and had no idea how I was supposed to juggle that with 2 small children, a mortgage, pets and all of the other responsibilities that being a (supposed) grown-up usually brings with it.

However, each search turned up sites for home workers who were able to concentrate many hours a day to their jobs — effectively a “normal” job but at home rather than in the office, able to attend co-working events like Jelly etc — or had hefty membership fees which you had to cough up before you could see any of the content let alone make use of it.

I wanted to create something different. A community of support for work at home mums inspired by my journey, my adventures in working from home. Something that doesn’t require large buckets of cash because as WAHMs we’re mostly on very tight budgets (who isn’t these days?!) As I learn, I share, and I encourage other work at home mums who will too have a unique perspective of the challenges of juggling children and work to do the same.

If you are a work at home mum and you have something – advice, a skill, an opinion, whatever – that you think will be valuable to other mums in similar situations, then we invite you to contribute. This site will be what we make it… and the more contributions the more valuable it will become: to WAHMs and WAHDs, people working with and supporting WAHMs, and to others too.

If you’ve got something you’d like to say, we’d love to hear from you: