Becoming a WAHM

Five Top Tips for Avoiding Work at Home Scams

When you first make the decision to work from home you may not have a clear idea of the direction you’re looking to work in. Your career history may be […]

Three Things to do after you’ve registered as Self-Employed

Taking the big leap into the world of self-employment begins with registering as self-employed but that really is just the first step. Now you can justifiably describe yourself as self-employed […]

Clever Ways to Work from Home

Some people have it all planned out from day one, they have a vision and they know what they want to do and they go out there and do it. […]

Top Tips for Starting a Business whilst on Maternity Leave

Having children is life changing, whatever way you look at it. During pregnancy many women are convinced they will return to work as before after maternity leave, and many do, […]

Mumpreneurs and the “home work balance” myth

I have a Google alert set up on the word “mumpreneur” – it helps me keep track of what’s big in the world of work at home mums using the […]

Three Ways to Work from Home Online

Many parents choosing to stop their regular jobs and stay at home don’t have a plan. Finding work after maternity leave or a long time away can be difficult at […]

Turning your Hobby into a Business

There is nothing to suggest that you can’t make your favourite interest or passion into a profitable business. There are very few hobbies that can’t be monetised in some way […]

New Year’s Resolutions all WAHMs should consider

To maintain sanity here are some New Year’s Resolutions that all work at home mums, dads and anybody self-employed should consider. They may be things you already have in place […]

Beware of WAHM Scams

For many people having a child changes their perspective on life. Many will do anything they can to remain at home with their children but also bring in some money. […]

A personal milestone

I realised recently that I passed a personal milestone earlier on this year and I hadn’t even noticed. So busy making sure the kids are bed, the house is (relatively) […]