Becoming a WAHM

New Mums Balancing Babies and Business

One in three new mums are expected to join the growing ranks of home-based self-employed business owners in the UK, according to a recent survey. Here Print-Print, which started out […]

Productivity Tips for all New WAHMs

When you first decide to become a work at home mum, there are a thousand and one things to get organised. If your children are staying home with you, you […]

There’s no day like a snow day!

If you’d have asked me 6 months ago what I saw as the benefits of becoming a work at home mum, being here for snow days would have not factored […]

Juggling Everything: Work, Play, Family

This week I am mostly thinking a lot about how to juggle all of my commitments. I’m still in the early stages of WAHMhood; I’m networking, and accepting small fiddly […]

Making the Decision

I’ve always thought that making the decision to work from home would be the easiest thing in the world. Spending time with my babies whilst doing work that I love? […]

The Start of My Journey

My name is Jem Turner and I am, at the time of writing, mum to 2: a nearly three year old daughter and an 8 week old son. I am […]