Business Matters

Becoming a Limited Company

Becoming a limited company is something that small business owners and freelancers constantly wonder about. As many self-employed mums and dads fit into this category it’s only right we take […]

Self-Assessment Deadline Looming: Are you prepared for your tax return?

The self-assessment tax return is one of those things work at home mums and dads can’t avoid. All registered self-employed people have to carry out the tax return, profit or […]

How Your Credit Affects You and Your Business

There are so many things to think about when establishing and then running a business. However, one factor which is often mistakenly overlooked is your business credit rating. A bad […]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Business Secure

If you’re a mum who started a home business after having kids, you’ve probably had more than enough on your plate. In all the stresses of the day-to-day running of […]

Why Your Family Business Needs an Accountant

Family businesses, just as any business, will have to declare taxes, keep track of all expenditure and generally keep on top of all the businesses legalities throughout its life course. […]

Five Reasons You Need a Strong Brand

A strong brand is an essential aspect of any worthwhile marketing strategy. It is well known that people tend to stick with brands and branded goods that they know well. […]

Shropshire Mums Business Networking

I’m really pleased to be able to share with you the details for the first child-friendly business networking meeting for mums in Shropshire. Biz Mums is a child friendly networking […]