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Staying at Home and Staying Sane This Summer

With the summer holidays of 2016 fast approaching, we thought we’d put together some hints and tips for keeping your kids entertained over the school break so that — if […]

Surviving the Summer Holidays when Self-Employed

They’re nearly over but the six week summer break can be a difficult time for self-employed mums and dads who are used to their children being in school or nursery. […]

Fitting in Fitness as a Work at Home Parent

Many of those who work at home find fitness right near the bottom of their list of priorities. Fix that with our 6 top tips for fitting in fitness as […]

The Importance of Self-Care as a Work at Home Mum

If history has taught my anything, it’s that it is all too easy to neglect oneself as a work at home parent. After hours at the computer, the sewing machine, […]

Four Top Gift Ideas for WAHMs this Mother’s Day

Last year we talked about how you could spoil the WAHM in your life with something a little different than normal, something which got her out of the office, showed […]

5 Tips For Home Workers On Making An Effective Will

Many of us make the mistake of believing our affairs are too simple to need a Will, or that our estate is too small to bother much about. Unfortunately, many […]

Mother’s Day Gifts for WAHMs

It’s nearly Mother’s Day and whether it’s a big deal or not for you and your family it is a chance to be indulged and enjoy the undivided attention of […]

Surviving Stage Two: Working at Home with a Toddler or Toddlers

It doesn’t take long for a newborn baby to morph into a rolling, crawling, walking, climbing thing. Before you know it you’ve got a toddler and if you thought working […]

A Work at Home Christmas

The title of this post sounds pretty depressing but I don’t mean working throughout the Christmas period, although it’s likely many of us will. I mean utilising our networks and […]

Work At Homer’s Guide to Quick Housewifery

Whether the word housewifery makes you shake with fear or groan with boredom, it’s something that has to be done. Even in a household where you’re working from home chances […]