Marketing Your Business

6 things you should be doing with your business website

1. Phone number on every page I know it can seem intimidating to list a phone number on your website when you’re a work at home parent but many suppliers […]

It’s not what you know, but who you know

When I first went freelance in 2012 after the birth of my adorable (but very noisy) son, I immediately started making a profit. I’m not bragging (OK, maybe a little) […]

Free Facebook Marketing Isn’t Dead

Free social media marketing is dead, Facebook won’t show anyone my posts unless I pay, right? Nope, If you’re in this pool of thought, chances are you need to look […]

How to promote your Craft Business

Deciding to turn your hobby into a business is a brave move and with the right promotion and dedication there’s nothing to suggest it won’t work. Building up your business […]

Cold-Calling: A Necessary Evil?

There are points in every work at home mum or dad’s career where work dries up a little. It might not be a permanent problem, it could be a gap […]

Top 10 Tips to Know When Creating an E-Commerce Site

It is tempting to think that setting up an e-commerce site might be a simple or quick way to make money. However, although there is plenty of potential and it […]

Top Mistakes WAHMs make with their Website Part Three

This is the final instalment of mistakes that self-employed mums and dads often make with their websites. You can find parts one and two already on the blog and here we’re […]

Top Mistakes WAHMs make with their Website Part Two

Last month we brought you the first part in a series about how self-employed mums and dads are losing out by not maximising the value and making the most out […]

Top Mistakes WAHMs make with their Website Part One

The internet will play a key role in the business success of most self-employed mums and dads. Marketing, business connections and even sales can be generated using the web and […]

The best way to secure sales through email marketing

If you are running an email marketing campaign, you may have found yourself struggling for sales at times. As with almost all businesses, there will be peaks and troughs so creating […]