Clever Ways to Work from Home

medium_2437014325Some people have it all planned out from day one, they have a vision and they know what they want to do and they go out there and do it. This isn’t often the case for parents who choose to work from home, it can happen, but for many others, it’s a case of taking a look at all their skills and deciding which is the most valuable and most likely to be convertible into a money-making business.

It can be hard to pick out the right skill or the right vision and many people end up with multiple strings to their work at home life, rather than a single key area to focus on. Like previous posts where we’ve looked at how to work at home online and more generally popular work from home jobs, here we’re looking at clever ways you can use your skills or interest to carve out a WAHM career.

1.      Tutor or Teach

Perhaps before having children you were a qualified teacher or tutor but want to find a new way of using these skills. There are many options online to sign up to tutoring agencies and help students across the country reach the levels they want in your particular subject of expertise. Tutoring and teaching can expand further to incorporate hobbies and additional talents. Perhaps you could tutor children learning to play musical instruments or run classes in your favourite craft.

2.      Online Personal Training

There has been a huge surge in interest in this kind of home business, something which has slowly drifted over from the US. Online personal training is exactly what it sounds like, charging clients to enrol on an online programme you put together. This may include videos, personally tailored nutrition plans and whatever else fits in with your particular type of training.

The cost of personal training in the traditional sense is beyond the budget of a huge proportion of the population so undercutting these prices and still offering the support and guidance your clients need is more than possible from the comfort of your own home. Using Skype and social media can make it more personal and ensure you’re still able to get a real feel for your client’s needs.

3.      Get into eCommerce

Many of us have a passion for something which can be bought or sold and so use this interest to your advantage. Getting into eCommerce isn’t something to take lightly but if you have a real passion for clothing or toys or anything at all and you can see your slice of the market then setting up your own store could be the beginning of you work at home career.

If you’re crafty then you could even combine that talent with online retail and sell your own products. Of course time will need to be spent getting to grips with eCommerce software, managing your stock levels and keeping customers coming back for more but eCommerce can be a real money maker if you get it right.

These are just a few ways you can and if you have the right skills these fields are wide open to you. Managing these options around your family will take some time to get used to but every WAHM and dad you find will tell you the same! If these ideas don’t fit with your skill set then there are many online resources to help you find something that works for you, Tomorrow Studio for example, provides information on many weird and wonderful ways of making extra cash.

photo credit: tomas carrillo via photopin cc