Diary of a WAHM: Pining for School Days

At the moment I have one child in school, and another in nursery 5 days a week under ‘supposed’ school hours. The childcare is expensive, but not as expensive as the cost to my income if I try and work around my darling son while he’s at home. He’s a lot more demanding than his sister was at 3.5 — possibly because he’s always had her around to play with — so it’s childcare or bust!

Our daily school run routine consists of leaving the house at 8:30 to walk the eldest to school, walking back, then driving to nursery; I get home around 9:30-9:45. In the afternoon I leave the house at 2:30 to pick him up, get home, walk to school, pick up the eldest, returning home for around 3:30. Getting ANYTHING done after this point and before bedtime is impossible with homework to nag about and cooking to do.

This hectic running around leaves me with approximately 5 hours a day to work, but I somehow have to fit in housework, shopping and cleaning up after a small zoo of animals into this mix too. Add in sorting through emails, invoicing and other admin and I’m realistically working for little more than 3 hours a day. THREE HOURS. As a web developer specialising in big commercial WordPress projects, 3 hours is barely enough time to figure where I got up to the day before, let alone make any real progress.

And so I’m pining for school days: days where both my children are at school. Where I can drop them off for 8:50 and be home by 9. Days where I can leave the house at 3 and a short brisk walk later and I have both kids ready for home. I’ll gain at least an extra hour, just from a more efficient school run, and with a few hundred quid extra in my back pocket each month I might even be able to afford a cleaner too.