Five Goals all WAHMs should set for 2016

new-years-eve-936219_960_720It’s a little bit late for resolutions but when it comes to business it’s likely things are only just beginning to pick up after Christmas for work at home mums and dads. Setting some business goals is a great way of focusing your path forward for the new year and here are just five you should consider for 2016 to continue to move in the right direction.

1.     Check your Rates

Whatever you do you have to put a price on it and a new year is a great opportunity to put up those prices and increase your value. All self-employed people would love to earn more money for less work and in reality many of us are undervaluing our skills and the new year is the perfect opportunity to price up new projects at a new and improved rate, ensure all new products are advertised at a higher rate or even go back to existing clients and advise of a price increase due to the new year. An increase in prices is an indication to your clients that you deliver a service or products worth paying for and they should respect your change in pricing.

2.     Learn a New Business Skill

It could be that you want to diversify your business offering or it could be that you want to have a better handle on your accounts or another aspect of behind the scenes at your business, a new skill can help speed up those boring but essential elements of your business or mean you can attract new business or give your current clients an even fuller service. Like anybody in any profession your learning is never done so learning new skills for the benefit of your business can only be a good thing. Spend some time identifying your weaker spots or areas in which you could diversify, and then go for it.

3.     Plan for the Future

It may not seem like it’s coming up any time soon but it is important to plan for your future as a WAHM. There is no company pension to look forward to so organising your private pension, even if it seems many years until retirement will be a reality is something to keep in mind as early on in your business development as possible and the new year is a great excuse to put this to the front of the to-do list.

4.     Invest in Long-Term Strategies

The majority of WAHMs work in industries where a single payment is paid for a single product or service. This can make keeping a regular income going quite difficult and therefore it is sensible to invest in long-term marketing and promotional strategies for your business. If your business has a blog which isn’t monetised but could be, then consider this option. If you have considered looking into affiliate schemes in the past make now the time that you move forward and actually do it. If you provide a service which trains people in a particular skill, consider branching out into writing an eBook or two which you can then sell and generate additional income.

5.     Get Organised

This may be something you consistently promise yourself but there’s no better time than the start of a brand new year to finally get yourself in order. You may need to get your workspace properly organised, plan your content schedule or simply keep a better diary for 2016. If you feel organised then you feel in control and if you’re in control of your business life you’ll soon find you can dedicate more to family time.