Free Facebook Marketing Isn’t Dead

facebook-logoFree social media marketing is dead, Facebook won’t show anyone my posts unless I pay, right?

Nope, If you’re in this pool of thought, chances are you need to look at how you’re currently marketing using Facebook, sure your business page reach has probably reduced but its still a free marketing channel, don’t pass that up!

Know your audience.

I see this being missed time & time again, If I were to ask alot of small WAHP businesses who their audience are I can almost guarantee answers like, “well they’re mostly parents” “Or they’re mums”

Not detailed enough, think about the following & really nail it down to your ideal customer:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they like?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their household income?
  • Who makes up their family?
  • What are their hobbies? etc, etc

Until you know who they really are & what ticks their boxes you’ll find it incredibly difficult to engage them!

Stop selling on every post.

If I were to knock on your door 1-2 times a day to try & sell you something every single time, what would you do? You’d stop answering, right?

This is no different with social media, trying to sell to your customers every single post is pretty much a sure fire way to lead them to the dreaded unlike button, as consumers we’re bombarded with advertising everywhere, TV, radio, newspapers, the sides of buses…

Sure the purpose of your Facebook page is to increase sales but using a sell, sell, sell tactic, is going to make your customers glaze over your posts in newsfeed & not engage, which in turn will decrease your reach even more! Throw in some fun, trivia, some questions, just get to know your fans!

Respond to comments.

Large corporations & WAHP businesses are both guilty of this, they ask a question, get a answer from their fans & thats the end of it… Way to make your customers feel unvalued!

Have a chat & follow on from their comment, send them empathy, wishes or just something to make them smile, this is likely to get them to come back & respond, which in turn will increase your reach, their loyalty & make them feel like a valued fan or customer.

About Anna-Lee Kewley
Anna-Lee Kewley of funky childrenswear brand Baby Moo’s started her business with just £230 as a work at home mum in 2010. After scooping the Dorset online & new media venus award in summer she has just been crowned the national new media avenus award. Anna’s businesses can be seen at &