How to promote your Craft Business

Craft KnitDeciding to turn your hobby into a business is a brave move and with the right promotion and dedication there’s nothing to suggest it won’t work. Building up your business can be done cost-effectively online and in some instances you may find your marketing strategy involved no costs at all.

Running a craft business from home can be fun but the promotional side of things does need to be done too and here we’ve got some tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re working in a way which should see your customer base grow.

Social Media Rules

Getting yourself setup on social media is a must for small businesses. It’s a free way of promoting your business and you can start to build up a network of likeminded business contacts and a loyal fan base. You need to choose the platforms which work best for your business. A lot of craft businesses have more success through Facebook than Twitter although having both is a really great idea as you can direct one to the other. Similarly, Pinterest lends itself to craft businesses as it is highly visual and gives you a chance to show off your wares.

The key social media rules to remember are:

  • Keep it consistent – don’t tweet once a week and update your Facebook page when you feel like it – build a schedule a stick to it
  • Keep it fresh – always share new products and finished custom orders as soon as you can. This is one way of ensuring there’s a constant supply of engaging content and it shows your customers your currently open and working.

Become an Expert

Your website can become a hub of knowledge and information for your particular craft. The more useful you make your website the more likely visitors will stick around and become paying customers. Make yourself an expert by regularly posting informational articles and blog posts and sharing hints and tips which may benefit your customers without giving away all your trade secrets of course!

Keyword rich content will ensure your search engine result positions improve and more customers find you and your wares.

Spread the Word

There are many platforms through which you can publicise your wares. There’ll soon be a clearer comparison of these different platforms right here on WAHMWeb but for now here’s a quick look at the main ones. Etsy is the largest marketplace for selling ‘unique goods’ that works worldwide whilst Folksy is a UK alternative.

Other places you can share your wares and promote your business include The Supermums Craft Fair – a virtual, always open craft fair which is a great option for mums who can’t get out to trade fairs and events easily. Big Cartel is also regularly used by craft business owners for easily incorporating e-commerce into their websites. There are loads of options and the more you get involved with the better.

Build a Blog Network

Getting to know influential bloggers in your specific area can be a huge benefit. Not only may they become customers they may also invest their own time and efforts into writing about your products – even more free publicity.

Blogger outreach is big business and if you’re thinking about launching new products or want to test drive something before putting it to market you could ask your chosen network of bloggers to give it a go. Be prepared though, criticisms may be published live online so you made need a thick skin and be ready for differences of opinion. Many bloggers are also happy to run competitions where you can offer your products and this type of post usually generates a huge amount of traffic and interest.

It’s all about Time

Promoting your business can’t be done on the fly when you feel like you’ve got a spare five minutes. You need to give your marketing plan and your promotional tactics a decent chunk of time on a weekly if not daily basis and it simply has to be regular. Promoting your business online is a cost-effective and measurable way of building up a large customer base and once you’ve got a plan in place it will seem much simpler than you’d thought.