Mother’s Day Gifts for WAHMs

MotherIt’s nearly Mother’s Day and whether it’s a big deal or not for you and your family it is a chance to be indulged and enjoy the undivided attention of our children. We’d like to hope so anyway. Picking a gift for the work at home mum can be difficult, especially if the job is left down to your partner as the children are too young. Below are some gift buying tips to ensure the self-employed mum you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day is pleased with her fill on 30th March.

Mother’s Day No-Nos for WAHMs

Let’s start with the negative. The worst thing you can do on Mother’s Day for the work at home mum is get her something to do with her job. She already works in the home, lives in the home and probably spends most of her time there. The last thing she wants is a desk tidy or an organisational gift to add to her office. Mother’s Day is a day to forget all about the day (and night) job.

If the self-employed mum you’re buying for is involved in a crafty or food-related business chances are she would quite like something related to these fields but perhaps something for her, not for her to sell or use for customers. Now we’ve got the don’ts out of the way here are a couple of ideas that should go down well.

Outside Entertainment

afternoon-teaAs already mentioned above work at home mums spend the majority of their time in the house. Getting out can be something of a novelty especially if it’s for the evening without the children. Mother’s Day is a celebration of children as well as mums but it’d be a great treat if theatre tickets or a day at a spa were booked to give her a little time off, out of the house.

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Home and Garden

Avoiding gifts to do with their job is one thing but you could surprise the WAHM in your life with something else for the home. As a lot of time is spent there it can’t hurt for the place to meet her tastes. Anything from a chintzy tea set to a quirky cushion cover could be a perfect choice. You could score brownie points by buying from another WAHM too!

Garden treats are also a great idea as Mother’s Day falls just as the weather is picking up. Whether it’s something for the practical act of gardening or a lounge chair to relax when work is done, your little piece of green space outside the home can be a haven for the cabin feverish work at home mum.

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Leave it to the Kids

With very young children then it stands to reason the husband or partner ends up buying the Mother’s Day gifts. However, once they reach three they can easily get involved with choosing presents. Whether this means creating a masterpiece from painted pasta shapes or going into the store and picking something themselves, the sentiment is bound to ensure mum is really pleased.

It’s the sentiment that counts so even if the Mother’s Day present ends up being a dodgy ornament or a tacky bracelet – it’s come from the children and that what counts.

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