Mums the word when it comes to business

Reaching for my box of clichés you know who’s best at multi-tasking? Well, within the top 5 will be a mum with young children. Now, it seems, women looking after the kids have added another string to their bow, with a new phenomenon, the mumpreneur.

Direct Line for Business have been asking some questions and found that two thirds of mums with children under the age of 10 would consider starting a business from home within the next three years.

The research found that one in five of those mums would consider doing it because they want to spend more time with their kids, while one in six say it would be a way to avoid spiralling childcare costs incurred when working in the tradition way in the office or elsewhere.

Almost one in two mums said they reckoned they would be better off financially if they worked from home. Meanwhile, while many mums appear to be thinking of it, others are actually doing it, so the mumpreneur is born.

Well, as they say, need is the mother of invention – and mumpreneur Wendy Shand spotted that when one of her children fell into a swimming pool while on holiday in France. She realised that parents would warm to the idea of holiday homes that had been checked for child safety and her business run from home – – popped into the world, while she still looked after two kids.

The rapid development of life online has both triggered and nurtured the growing numbers of mums who work from home. Computer tablet in one hand, and toddler wriggling in the other, they see no reason in the modern world of m-commerce why they can’t make money while making eggy bread, small talk on mumsnet and doing every other household chore their male partners just can’t manage because they’re stuck in the 9 to 5 rut.

But there are pitfalls, as Hannah McNamara, of the SME Academy points out, writing about the rise of mumpreneurs for

She said mums who want to go into business should recognise that they will need support. Starting a business is stressful. If you are doing it from home, mums might feel especially isolated.

Another great point is for mumpreneurs to be realistic. There is only so much you can achieve in a day – and that’s especially true if kids are making demands on your time.

Also delegate – remember that partner who thinks an iron is for hitting balls with… well, there are ways of explaining how that is just not true. ;)