My DIY Home Office Desk Space

Before I started working from home (you know, back when I still had a disposable income and free time … not that it’s been a difficult month or anything!) I researched into what I would need to make it work and virtually every article I saw said I’d need an office. Apparently when you work from home you need somewhere to go, somewhere you can fully call your own, make a phone call in peace, that sort of thing.

I don’t know about that. I’ve mastered talking to clients whilst changing poopy nappies. I’ve mastered knocking out an article whilst my preschooler tells me all about the episode of Charlie and Lola she just watched (thank goodness for DVD box-sets). I’ve even mastered knocking out hundreds of lines of code while pretending to listen to my other half talk about work (sorry love). But there’s absolutely one thing I haven’t mastered and can’t abide and that’s the thought of sticky fingers all over my laptop, drawings on my notepads and dribble in my coffee. THAT is why I needed a home office space!

Unfortunately, however, we didn’t foresee me making my millions from home after the birth of our son so only bought a 2 bedroom house. No room for an office here unless I want to spend a fortune (that we don’t yet have) converting the loft. So, where to build a desk that is big enough to take my crap really important work stuff but without impacting upon the space of the house?

We had two options: 1) removing the door from a built in cupboard in our bedroom or 2) utilising the under stairs space.

Option 1 was dismissed almost right away for several reasons… it would see me spending far too much time upstairs (and is not practical for shooting out a quick email while the kids distract themselves in the living room) and I worry about the potential for work to impact upon my sleep (what little I get!) So, this meant that option 2 was the only feasible choice.

Before the under stairs area became my little work at home office, it was home to a variety of junk: the coat pegs, dust, cat hair and the usual bits and pieces that you’re sure you need to keep but not entirely sure why or how long for. However, once we’d relocated the coat pegs to the other side of the hall and had a general clear out (if it’s not been used in the past 6 months it can go – ruthless!) we were ready for action. And by “we”, I obviously mean my other half. I was too busy doing important things like watching and laughing the children.

Measured up, we purchased some a 3 pack of loft boards & a pine shelf kit to act as a support leg – both for less than £20. While not the most glamorous desk kit in the world, it certainly beat the premade solutions we found over £100 on the internet! We, thankfully, already had an electric socket under there thanks to the previous owner, so the addition of a multiway socket to give me more power for other bits was all that was needed to get us LIVE. Tada:


OK, so it’s not perfect. We need to fix the wall where the genius previous owner re-plastered around the coat pegs. There’s a rolled up print sat waiting to be framed and my cheapy whiteboard needs fixing to the wall too, but it’s mine and I love it! It just goes to show that if you need a space to work from home in, you don’t need a spare room or an expensive desk solution. Make do and mend – my grandma would be pleased.

If you’d like to show the world your work space, we’d love to hear from you: