Rising childcare costs keep mothers at home

The Daily Mail today claims that 6 out of 10 mothers are staying at home instead of working (source) because of the rising costs of childcare.

The number of new mothers deciding to stay at home rather than go back to work has risen sharply as childcare costs spiral.

Some 1.2million are raising their children at home – with six in ten saying there is little if any financial benefit in getting a job.

The proportion has surged from 18 to 24 per cent in just one year.

This sounds familiar. The cost of childcare provision is my reason for opening WAHMweb in the first place. However, this comes not long after a previous Daily Mail piece about the amount of mothers returning to work because they can’t afford to stay at home.

It’s no wonder the government can’t make their mind up whether or not to tax us more and take away benefits aimed at families if there’s no clear indication whether or not staying at home works out more cost effective. Further, why are the options presented as “stay at home” or “go to work”: is there an assumption that mothers cannot handle the middle-ground of working from home?

I can’t help but wonder how many of the mums that are now staying at home have considered opening their own business, or have overlooked it because of the assumption that it is not practical or feasible. Giving yourself the choice of how much (or how little) childcare you rely on and do something to help bring in the pennies; it’s win win in my eyes.