Staying at Home and Staying Sane This Summer

With the summer holidays of 2016 fast approaching, we thought we’d put together some hints and tips for keeping your kids entertained over the school break so that — if you have to — you can work and parent at the same time. This post is the first of several in the Summer Holidays series, so keep your eyes peeled for more over the coming weeks…

Tips for Keeping the Kids Entertained whilst you Work

7618864072_d58e2940e4There will be times during the summer holidays that you have to work, it can’t be avoided and if there’s nowhere for the kids to go then you will need to get creative and ensure they can be kept busy whilst you’re trying to do the same.

This list is by no means exhaustive and every idea won’t appeal to everyone but here are some things you could consider setting up for the kids so they’re entertained whilst you’re hard at work.

Home Cinema

Setting up a home cinema could not be easier. Bring down the pillows and duvets from upstairs, get in the popcorn and snacks and even invest in cinema style cups and buckets as a novelty to amuse the kids. Put on a film you know they love or one that always goes down well and you’ll have at least an hour to get through some emails, social media or work.

Vintage Games Day

Think up some of your favourite games from childhood (or even your grandparents’ favourites) and introduce them to the kids. You may be able to get some time to yourself to get those email checked whilst the kids are playing with your old stash of marbles (not suitable for under 3s!)

Mini Olympics

If the weather’s looking good and there’s a shady place to park your laptop, set up a mini Olympic games for the kids. With pillow cases for the sack race and a few eggs-on-spoons you don’t mind smashing, you may get a few hours break whilst they battle their way around the course.

Treasure Hunt

Nothing goes down quite as well as a good treasure hunt, especially if you’ve done a really good job of hiding the surprises. Give the kids a list each, colour code the treasure and hopefully they should be kept hunting for a good while and fights should be avoided as the colour coding system should be a success.

Arts and Crafts Day

Whether inside or out letting the kids go a bit crazy with the craft box usually keeps them concentrating. Outside you can pull out the chalks or even let them get artistic on the paving with watering cans and inside you can consider the glue, glitter and paints: if you’re feeling brave!

Some of these ideas may be pretty straightforward and common sense but if you plan them properly they can get you that extra half an hour you need to finish of a project or schedule in an essential meeting.

photo credit: Sidewalk chalk via photopin (license)