Taking back Fridays!

Well, here we are. The new term has started, most children are back in school or nursery (or will be in the next few days) and we start a new educational year afresh.

I feel a little guilty telling you that I’m relieved the summer holiday is over, but it’s true! I can’t help it: juggling work and kids and housework chores and all that is INTENSE. Hats off to stay at home mums who do this day in, day out, especially to those home educating on top. Colour me impressed.

So anyway, what has the long summer taught me? That I’m not spending enough dedicated time with the kids.

I know, probably the opposite of what you’d expect after 6 weeks cooped up together, but actually I realised that I spend so much time flitting between kids and work and housework that I don’t often concentrate just on them, on us spending time together. I’ve decided this isn’t good enough, and is not what working from home is about, so I’m taking back Fridays.

From the end of September, Fridays are going to be my no-work days. No calls, no coding, no admin, no invoicing. Just me, the kids, FAMILY. Undistracted, dedicated children time. Let’s call it an effort to have that “work life balance” people keep telling me about.

Now just to tell my clients.