The Grass is Always Greener

Long time followers of WAHMweb will know that I went self-employed doing the work at home mum thing in June of 2011, and then went back to full time office employment in February 2014 because I got lonely and started chatting up the postman & every religious caller that came by. I still work from home – and not just on this blog – but it’s no longer the main source of my income.

Anyway, I’m suffering from a bit of “grass is always greener” syndrome today. I’m working from home instead of the office because of a dodgy tum (I’ll spare you the details) and I kinda miss this. I miss making a coffee on my schedule, raiding the biscuit cupboard (yes I have a whole cupboard for biscuits.. what of it?) and I miss listening to my music as loud as I like.

Part of me thinks I should just say sod it and work from home again. I mean, I could do without the nearly £650 childcare bill that keeps my youngest in nursery 5 days a week that’s for sure… but would I find myself 12 months from now, sat at home climbing the walls trying to find another office job? Probably.

Guess I should just enjoy my semi-sick day for what it is and remember working from home full time isn’t for everyone.

Are you an ex-WAHM? Maybe you prefer working at home? I’d love to hear your experiences.