The Importance of Self-Care as a Work at Home Mum

If history has taught my anything, it’s that it is all too easy to neglect oneself as a work at home parent. After hours at the computer, the sewing machine, in the kitchen (whereever it is you make your money) it can seem utterly selfish to then want more time away from kids and chores and all of the mundanities of parenting to actually spend some time just being “you”. But without that break between work-you and parent-you, the lines blur and we end up doing one thing or the other and never anything for ourselves.


Decide on Your “You” Time Treat

Of course it’s all well and good waxing lyrical about taking “me time”, or “you time”, but unless you know what it is you want to do it’s meaningless. For some work at home parents, all they need is 15 minutes to have a hot cuppa and a biscuit. For others it’s a bath with candles and a glass of bubbly. For myself I like to run and lift weights, although many would say that’s a bit more like punishment than a treat! Whatever it is you need to just feel “you” again, pin it down and plot it in…

Schedule That Time

Yes, plot it in. Stick it in the calendar in front of everyone’s faces if you have to. Write it on a post-it note and stick it to the TV. Send an email round your family members. Whatever it takes to let them know you’re taking some time to wind down and get your s**t together. Ain’t nobody going to take away this mama’s run time.

Do it Regularly

A quick bath with some smelly candles once every 6 months isn’t exactly what I had in mind. If you’re going to maintain a nice balance and feel like you’re looking after yourself, you need to get your 10 minutes, half an hour (whatever) in a little more often. As a parent we spend so much time running around after our kids (and sometimes partners too), it’s OK to take back some of that time for ourselves, and absolutely is not selfish. Self-sacrifice benefits nobody if it’s all you ever do!

Feel no Guilt

Because why should you?