There and back again… a WAHM’s tale

In what some may think a rather surprising, and indeed contrary (given the site’s purpose) turn of events I have accepted a contract this week which sees me return to work outside of the home as of next week.

Looking back at the start of my journey, and the reasons for making the decision to become a work at home mum I can see that it was definitely the right decision to make at the time. Money and childcare costs were a huge factor in going self-employed but the promise of the ultimate in work-life balance made it seem a worthwhile risk.

Except – and perhaps I’m alone here – the longer I worked for myself from home the more the lines between work and home seem to blur. I seem to have reached the point where my work is dominating my life, downtime is none existent and I’m not spending any more time with the kids than I would working full time outside of the home. More than that, though, I have been struggling with the isolation and loneliness of working for myself.

An offer recently presented itself and so I’ve jumped at it. The challenges and responsibilities it will give me can only improve my skillset, and the things I’ve learned (and I’ve picked up SO MUCH) over the past nearly-2-years should only boost that.

WAHMweb isn’t going anywhere, of course. It was always my goal to offer support to other work at home mums and me returning to work doesn’t affect that. I can still tell you what works and what doesn’t work, things to be aware of, mistakes I made. In fact, I may even have the time to update more than once every few months too ;) I hope you’ll continue with my on my journey.