Three Ways to Work from Home Online

Home OfficeMany parents choosing to stop their regular jobs and stay at home don’t have a plan. Finding work after maternity leave or a long time away can be difficult at the best of times. This becomes even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin.

Working from home online is one of the most popular methods of finding an income whilst also staying at home and looking after the kids. The benefits of working online are plentiful: it’s always open, you can work whenever you want and there will be people clicking, viewing and even buying whilst you sleep. Knowing which route to take will be largely dependent on your skill set and where you want to go in the future.

Here we’ve got three ways you could work from home online and boost your family’s income.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant used to be extremely fashionable for many mums and dads who had perhaps worked in office environments but didn’t want to return to their old jobs. It has dipped in popularity now as more and more people are realising how much work you have to put in.

Virtual assistants work like a PA in the office but with more flexibility and you could theoretically have several clients with different requirements. Many businesses aren’t large enough to require full secretarial support but still need help with regular administrative tasks. Rates for this type of work can be quite high, if you can prove you have experience and the flexibility often required. A virtual assistant may do anything from diary management to data entry and audio typing.

Sell Social Media

Social media has become second nature to millions but could you monetise it? It’s unlikely you own Twitter stream or Facebook page is going to generate cash but if you’ve learned some tips and tricks in your time maybe you could manage others? As a social media consultant or manager you can take on the accounts of other businesses and ensure the social side of their business is running properly.

If you’re not keen on running the accounts of others then perhaps try your hand at training and consulting? Many businesses will pay handsomely to have an expert training their staff or ensuring their marketing department is fully up to scratch out there. Put your feelers out and perhaps begin by looking at small local companies who may not be managing their social channels effectively. A quick email could be exactly what they need and you’ll have your first client.

Try eCommerce

Selling isn’t for everyone but if you find your niche you can flourish. Opting for a single sector or a single type of item seems to work best. Having young children may mean you want to focus on an item which is relevant to them, something you definitely know all about.

You could consider children’s clothing, toys and games or even homeware. A combination of all three works occasionally but you have to get the balance exactly right. If you’re not all that interested in letting the kids take over your business too you could consider other niche area such as sports equipment or kitchenware.

Making profit from an eCommerce business takes some time as you do have to invest in stock but as long as you keep stocks low and are active in your marketing, be that through social media, PPC, SEO or other means, you’ll see results.

photo credit: fensterbme via photopin cc