Unusual Ways to Make Money from Home


Many parents are determined to find a way to make money from home through self-employment. Not all self-employed mums and dads had the business idea first, they simply decided they wanted to stay at home to work around the family. There are many routes into self-employment and below we’ve got five key areas you could consider if you’re looking for something more specialised and unusual.

Online Entrepreneur

Many work at home mums hope they’ll find their salvation online and this is very possible for many. There are hundreds of potential job opportunities online but not all of them are genuine and not all of them will fit your skill set.

Freelancing in a niche market area can be the way to make your money. A niche marketer takes advantage of an on trend consumer niche with high search engine traffic and provides a range of small, informative mini websites packed with relevant information and usually affiliate links. Niche marketers tend to make their cash through Google Adsense revenue as well as affiliate commission. It can take time to build up and you need to be web-savvy and aware of what’s on trend.

Baby Boutique

It figures that if you’ve chosen to stay at home with your children that you may be passionate about them and things to do with them. Whether you’ve got design flair or an eye for what people will like, online baby boutiques are booming.

Finding a niche in this area is also sensible. Some online retailers specialise solely in clothes for newborn babies whilst others focus solely on a single gender. You could specialise by only stocking a particular type of designer or organic goods. It’s hit and miss in this industry so you have to be dedicated to your customers, proud of your product range and not shy about self-promotion.

Speciality/Technical Writer

Freelance writing is an industry which is packed with amateurs. This means that work at home mums who have genuine experience and expertise can stand out from the crowd. Specialising in a technical niche such as medicine or finance is a quick way to guaranteeing yourself higher rates and rather than generally describing yourself as a freelance writer, it makes sense to specialise and generate more interest.

Pet Businesses

Pets aren’t for everyone but there are thousands of them around the UK so if you are a pet lover this could be your way to earn from home. Of course dog walking and pet sitting are your standard jobs in this area but there are plenty more creative and interesting options.

You could produce or supply pet products of your own, from rat hammocks to dog collars or if you have experience provide puppy training. If you’ve got a small holding or a menagerie of your own why not set up a petting zoo? It’s a little out there but we can’t see why it wouldn’t work with the right permits in place!

Self-employed mums and dads aren’t all sat behind computers designing websites and doing your accounts. There are plenty trying out more creative and unusual money-making ideas and there’s no reason you can’t join them.