What is a “WAHM”?

“WAHM” is an abbreviation of Work at home mum (or mom!) It, alongside WAHD and WAHP (work at home dad and work at home parent) describes parents who work from home. Work at home parents may work for themselves running their own business, work for another company “remote working”, or as part of a franchise. Sometimes around their children, sometimes alongside childcare, mostly in chaos!

Why be a WAHP (work at home parent)?

There are lots of reasons some might become a work at home parent, but the most common are:

  • Because you want to be at home for the children alongside working
  • Because you want to earn a supplementary income to the household without spending it all on childcare
  • Because you’re a single parent and full time work outside of the home is infeasible
  • Because childcare is too expensive and you have no choice but to stay at home
  • Because you had a successful home based career before children

How do I become a WAHP?

There are three steps to becoming a work at home parent:

  1. Find a viable business opportunity
  2. Setting up and market your business
  3. Leaving full time work (not necessary if you’re already a SAHP!)

The WAHMweb UK work at home parent community can help you in all three of these steps, so make a coffee, sign up, and get chatting!