What is #WAHMwednesday?

So what exactly is #WAHMwednesday you might be thinking? Well, #WAHMwednesday is the WAHMweb hashtag – our equivalent of a networking hour. We use it all day on a Wednesday to find, connect with, chat to and generally help boost the reach of work at home parents on a Wednesday.

If you’re a work at home parent, write a tweet at any point on a Wednesday and tell us what you’re up to, what special offers you’ve got on, what you’d like to get done today (really, anything!) include the #WAHMwednesday hashtag and we’ll retweet you. Here’s an example of a great #WAHMwednesday tweet:

When you’ve shared your #WAHMwednesday shenanigans, don’t forget to have a look through the #WAHMwednesday tweeters and retweet other work at homers. This boosts their reach, connects you directly with another work at home parent and helps extend the reach of the WAHMweb community which means more people helped and supported in their journey as a work at home parent.