Work at Home Mums Key to Economic Recovery

Companies owned and run by work at home mums and ‘mumpreneurs’, of which Mumpreneur UK estimates there are 300,000 in the UK, are adding about £7.4bn a year to the economy reports Sky News.

According to entrepreneur supporters StartUp Britain, 60% of small businesses are started from home. More and more of these are being started by mums working from and out of their homes in an attempt to balance work and family.

If we collectively can contribute so much to the economy, why are we not seeing more support to make our businesses work which in turn may go on to provide more money, more tax, and even the potential of more jobs for others?

At a time when our government is trying to get mums out of the home and into outside jobs through incentives like tax-free childcare subsidies which are largely being seen as short-sighted, I can’t help but think that the government have things the wrong way around.