A Work at Home Christmas

The title of this post sounds pretty depressing but I don’t mean working throughout the Christmas period, although it’s likely many of us will. I mean utilising our networks and finding local self-employed mums who are offering products and events which could make this Christmas even more enjoyable. Below is a look at some of the many franchise and work at home selling schemes which many WAHMs are involved with.


There are plenty of children’s books schemes which are powered by armies of WAHMs and others who are working from home inspiring others to enjoy a wide range of different books. The most popular schemes are Usborne and Barefoot Books and both of these have some Christmas titles that your kids may love.

You can locate local distributors and franchisees for both these schemes but there may also be sellers online who you are already involved with on a social level, perhaps through a social network, and they could be your choice of seller simply because you want to boost their business.

Presents for Friends and Family

Avon logoFor the wider family, not necessarily just the kids, you could turn to Avon or eco-friendly organic company Wikaniko. Both utilise franchisees and distributors to ensure their products reach the widest possible audience and there are some Christmas offerings from each of these companies too.

Avon is probably the most well-known franchise in the UK and it consistently attracts more and more sellers who see the value in the products and the chance to expand a work from home business. Wikaniko is a company which focuses on helping families across the UK to embrace eco-friendly ‘green’ products including bamboo textiles and skin care ranges.


As an alternative to a night out or family get together you could organise a party, once again run by one of the many independent self-employed mums involved in a franchise. Companies such as Scentsy, Jamie at Home and Kleeneze are a great place to start if you’re looking for a party with some great gift ideas included.

Wrap it Up

twitter_avYou can even get your wrapping paper and cards from a self-employed mum or dad who has opted for a franchise business. Phoenix Trading is one of the popular franchises which offer all the stationery, wrapping paper and cards that most people will appreciate. Like with many of these franchises your individual franchisee will have special offers and deals you can take advantage of.

Could it be you?

Maybe your plan for the New Year includes one of these franchises. Many self-employed mums who already one business also pick up a franchise for additional income. If you already have a business which is closely associated with one of these industries then it could be a way of adding value to your company. Child minders, for example, regularly offer Usborne or Barefoot Books to their mindees’ parents as an additional income source.

Buying from other self-employed mums and dads is a way of supporting the WAHM community and ensuring that all those people striving to succeed are given the best chance to do so.