Work At Homer’s Guide to Quick Housewifery

Whether the word housewifery makes you shake with fear or groan with boredom, it’s something that has to be done. Even in a household where you’re working from home chances are at least a portion of the household chores are your responsibility. Managing housework and keeping the home in order can be difficult when you’re a work at home mum or dad as you’re constantly in the workplace but there are some pretty simple tips out there to make it less stressful.

The inspiration in this post comes in part from this slightly tongue in cheek Mumsnet Thread where you’ll find a whole range of interesting and original tips for the ‘less-than-perfect homemaker’ and below we’ve brought some of the good ones together as well as some others. You can feign perfection and defeat the household chore to-do list with our help!

General Tips

There are plenty of things that you can do around the whole home which take seconds and can make all the difference.

Stains are the bane of many self-employed mums and dads lives. Try dunking badly stained items in a bucket with biological washing powder and just letting them stew for a couple of days. You should see the stain disintegrate with no tiresome scrubbing and then you can simply wash the item as usual.

Another top general tip is to keep a spray bottle of fabric conditioner mixed with water on hand. If you have visitors due you can simply spray your soft furnishings and give the home a sense of fresh cleanliness when in reality you’ve just swept everything under the sofa! It also saves money on those expensive and unnecessary fabric sprays.

Many of the Mumsnetters reveal they never iron and it’s easy to see why. Simply hanging things up after washing them helps most the creases fall out and school uniforms can all be bought in non-iron materials so you can simply chuck out the iron and avoid wrinkly fabrics!

Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the areas where you’re most likely to see dirt and grime build up so keeping them clean is something you really have to keep on top of. Again there are a few easy tips to avoid thinking about the worst problems.

Firstly, consider investing in a hinged lid cooker. It sounds a bit odd but it means you can simply flip the lid and hide all those ancient bean stains, stuck down pasta and other unsightly stains if needed when impromptu guests arrive. Equally you can cover the hob with surface cleaner when it really does need a clean and shut the lid to maximise the effect.

Another quick tip is to clean as you go. If you’re cooking wash up whilst the food’s cooking rather than returning to a pile of crusty pots after dinner is over. If you’re boiling the kettle take that couple of minutes to wipe down the fridge or clean the counters in front of you.

Baking soda and vinegar are your best friends for both the kitchen and bathroom. Chuck them down your toilet followed by hot water to ensure a clog-less clean drain as well as a fresh toilet bowl. Wipe out the sink after every use and then you can avoid those deep cleaning sessions trying to prise glue-like toothpaste from the sides. The quick washes and wipes can save you hours of work in the future.

Your home is your workplace so it’s hard to prioritise cleaning sometimes or maybe like me it just doesn’t seem that important. Quick cleaning on a regular basis can give you the façade of a housewifery queen!


Image Credit: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by DaveCrosby